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Our team includes experienced researchers from the UK, Germany, Ireland, Finland and Estonia, and stakeholders representing the disinfection  industry, healthcare, academia, veterinarians and low and medium income countries.


Prof Jean-Yves Maillard

Jean-Yves  is a world expert on antimicrobial biocides, AMR, and biofilms

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Prof Dirk Bockmühl

Dirk is leading expert on antimicrobial efficacy of cleaning processes in non-clinical and clinical settings 

Principal investigator

Prof Séamus Fanning


Séamus is a molecular microbiologist with more than 30-years academic experience and an interest in the genetic mechanisms underpinning antimicrobial resistance.  

Principal investigator

Dr Veljo Kisand

Veljo is an environmental microbiologist with focus on molecular diagnostics in environmental samples, metagenomics, genome sequencing and bioinformatic and statistical analysis of omics data

Principal investigator

Dr Noora Perkola

Noora is an expert of organic contaminants with a PhD from environmental science.

Principal investigator

Prof Mark Fielder

Mark is is an expert in One Health Microbiology with 25 years of experience in the area of human and animal infectious disease



Several colleagues and early career scientists have been recruited to be an integral part of COMBAT AMR project

Associate investigator

Ralf Lucassen

Principal investigator

Ralf is interested in the role of class I integrons in the acquisition and spread of antimicrobial resistance, as well as the role of bacterial functional amyloids in biofilm formation

Associate investigator

Dr Marja Hagström

Marja is responsible of research, international projects and analytical services related to harmful organic compound, especially pharmaceuticals, analysis from environmental samples.

Associate investigator

Dr Isabella Centeleghe

Issy's research interests are  in infection prevention and control, with a focus on disinfectants and biofilms. 

Associate investigator

Dr Guerrino Macori

 Guerrino research focuses on bioinformatics and molecular genomics and spans the diverse aspects of "microbial dark matter" aiming to unlock its untapped potential across sectors like health, agriculture, and environmental.sustainability.

Associate investigator

Dr Peeter Laas

Peeter is a researcher in the field of aquatic microbial ecology and a national expert in genetic engineering, GMOs, and environmental risk assessment (member of Gene Technology Committee since 2011).

Research student

Nicole van Leuven

Nicole´s research interests are the usage of diverse ex-situ biofilm models for different types of biofilms, especially from home & hospital settings

Research student

Katie Wall

Katie's PhD project is to assess the impact of common herbicides on the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and biofilm formation in the Klebsiella genus.


Associate investigator

Dr Simon Gould

Simon's research interests are in understanding and combating antibiotic resistance both in human and animal populations

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Research Student

Rebecca Lewis

Becky is undertaking an MSc by research under auspices of the COMBAT project. Becky’s project is looking at the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in the biofilms derived from different habitats including pig farms, both pre and post treatment with specified biocides used in the project.


Associate investigator

Dr R Abbara



Christina COMBAT photo.jpg

Associate investigator

Dr Christina Killian

Christina’s research interests include harnessing the identification of novel bacterial strains, from environmental and clinical settings, to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

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The COMBAT team

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